Woman in Combat

Recently, the Secretary of Defense opened up all combat MOS jobs in the military for woman.  This was unprecedented in American military history.  It was always the men that went to war.  Was it because men where faster, stronger, and better qualified in combat?  Maybe.  Was it because woman couldn’t meet the qualifications of combat jobs except within the last few years?  Doubtful.  Our history is replete with woman of such character and strength.  While many folks of the woman liberation movement and feminism in general will not appreciate what I’m about to say, it is nonetheless, my, and many of my generation, sentiment on the matter.

Let’s clear up a few misconceptions.  Woman have always been able to meet the standards for MOS combat jobs.  Everybody knows this and has known it for years.  This idea was pushed to the forefront instead of what men in my camp were really thinking.    Mainly, it is not a question of could they go to war but, should they go to war.  Because training for combat and combat are two completely different endeavors.  War is traumatic.  Should we send our woman into battle knowing that it will forever change them.  (The participants of war are always changed).  Should we send them to war knowing they will be traumatized?  Do they ask for something but know not the repercussion of this request?  In the name of equality do we expose them to the horror of war?  It would seem to me, and I’m admittedly old-school, that real men and leaders would want to protect woman from the terrors of war especially those men who have experienced the battlefield.  I do not expect woman to understand this; but, I would hope they would hear the voice of experience.