Syria: A Global Conflict

Syria is a mess!  Has been for several years now.  The government of Bashear Al-Asad clings to some type of power supported by Iran and Russia.  Meanwhile, “the rebels” attempt to gain control supported by the United States, France, Turkey, and probably, England.  I’m also sure that Israel has some indirect involvement all along and some direct involvement at times.  In the midst of this chaos, ISIS (Islamic State in Syria) has established a territory of its own.   The Russians are now fighting against the rebels.  The coalition forces are fighting against Bashear Al-Asad forces and everybody claims to be fighting ISIS at the same time.  All the key players want a greater span of influence in the Middle East.  De-confliction efforts don’t seem to be working when Turkey shoots down a Russian plane the, the next day, Russian planes bomb as aid convoy because it is “supporting the rebels.”  Can anyone else smell the potential for disaster here and an escalation of a global conflict?  It seems as if it is only inches away.  Finally, in the midst of this clash of Titans are 1.4 million refugees who simply want to leave war and terrorism.  Wouldn’t you?