Trump and Immigration

Recently, Donald Trump announced that his new policy is to close the doors on any Muslim immigrants.  These comments are inflammatory at worst and irresponsible at best.  This is extremely short-sighted and feeds into the rhetoric of radical fundamental Islam.  Besides, this wouldn’t have stopped the terrorist attacks in San Bernadino.  What is the plan for Muslims living here amongst us?  What about them?  Should we make them wear yellow stars or round them all up and stick them in camps somewhere?  There is an example in history when these things have taken place and this is not the biblical response.  This is not how Christians should treat people who are fleeing conflict and war.  When we close the borders and propagate hate and suspicion we fuel the radical fundamental narrative.  Trump is actually recruiting for the terrorist with this radical right “fear” rhetoric.  Terrorist simply need to point to his comments and say, “See, I told you the West hates you and wants you out.”  How would you respond if your children were bullied at school and you were harassed at Wal-Mart.  I might respond angrily myself.  I’m not justifying any acts of terrorism but, I am saying, that the way were respond to Muslims will either fuel the radical element or it will diffuse it.  It is love versus hate.  Trumps radical conservative right doctrine fuels the hate side of the equation.  It is madness!  I’m a conservative Republican and I think this is crazy.  Why?  Because before all my political affiliations, I’m a Christian.  We, of all people, should be begging the government for the opportunity to live out the very words of Jesus when he said, “Love your enemies.”  We should what to bless those who persecute us and pray for those who want to kill us.  Instead, we have embraced the rhetoric of a billionaire and excluded these people. We must remain prudent and not allow emotions to fuel a new leader who is already speaking un-biblical policy changes.  He is just as radical as the left only he is on the far right.  Extremes are never a good thing.  We should not embrace this candidate simply because we are fed-up with eight years of left wing liberalism.  We have simply embraced him because he is the polar opposite of what we have gone to vehemently dislike.    We must use discernment and make our decisions prayerfully and not emotionally.