Security of Love

The security of God’s love is an awesome thing. It solidifies and frees the souls of men. It is the most powerful force in the universe. It is untouchable by our sin and by our good works. It is one of the few constants in the universe, it never changes and has a powerful effect on humans.

So many of us deal with a spirit of rejection and a spirit of religion. When these two are combined they develop works based theology. These two are the forces behind all religions that demand proper behavior for proper relationship. It feeds on the wounds of the past where someone who was supposed to love us so profoundly sent a message to us that we were not “worthy of their love” because of something that we either did or did not do. In order to make things right, we have to “do” something in order to merit the favor of this individual again. Thus what we do puts us in right relationship with this individual. When success is achieved, we make this a life strategy in order to maintain relationship with other humans. When this relationship strategy is applied to God, religion is the outgrowth, it focus more on how we behave than how we believe. It fails as a relationship strategy with that which is perfect.

To begin with, God is not a human that his Love is affected by our sins. Conversely, it is not affected by our sins. The Bible states, “If I sin, what do I do to you?” (Job 7:20) God is untouched by our conduct. His love for us remains constant despite how we may behave. Additionally, we are incapable of meriting the love of God by our behavior. It is impossible for Him to love us anymore and it is impossible for Him to love us any less. Hence, when we approach God with our works oriented relationship strategy, which is fueled by rejection and relationship, some problems emerge. Mainly, it doesn’t work for the aforementioned reasons that God’s love never increases or decrease, it remains constant.

When we realize that we don’t have to earn God’s love, this is a tremendously freeing experience. First, the spirit of rejection must flee from us because we are accepted by God through Christ. Rejection is not is God’s heart. God has attempted, through His Love, to reconcile all humans to relationship with Him through the sacrifice of Jesus. Thus, rejection is not part of God. Secondly, the spirit of religion must also leave. Scripture is very clear that no works of ours can merit the love of God. Paul writes, “Not by works, so that no man may boast before God.” (Eph 2). God’s love is not determined by what we do, it is based upon our belief.

God’s love must only be received and planted into our soul. We only need to receive it and enjoy it. When love is planted in our hearts there is no fear of rejection, Perfect love cast out fear. Be Free through the love of God, that we need not “do” for God, that we only need to “be” and receive His love. To be a human being rather than a human doing.