Surprised by the favorable answer of God

Why is it that we as the people of God are surprised when God answers our prayers. Today, two different believers (people who I know have intimate relationships with God) told me, rather joyfully and surprisingly, that God had answered their prayers. What is it about us that makes us brace ourselves for God to not answer our prayers. Then, when He answers, we are shocked. Why? I don’t know about others but I understand why I do it. There are two reasons. First, a lack of faith in His willingness and secondly, a lack of trust because of past woundedness when I prayed something and it didn’t get answered.

Before proceeding any further, we should describe the appropriate response that we should be surprised when the God of love, who didn’t even spare His own Son for us, answers in a way that is favorable towards us. This should be the knee-jerk response of any believer that engages in prayer. So, why do we not believe Him? Why do we hold resentments towards God because of past woundedness. We definitely are lacking something when we are shocked by His favorable response towards us.

Resentments and past woundedness from a prayer that didn’t get answered, stem from a lack of knowledge of Him. It is rooted in not knowing the character of the Master. God is good and incapable of evil. He is not a cosmic vending machine that we can deposit prayer into and get out what we want. He doesn’t serve us. If he just heaped upon us all our request, He would raise spoiled children. But, many of us have prayed for certain things or for others and neither received desired effect nor the desired answer. I don’t know why this happens. But, it is at these times that we must rely on our knowledge of His character. His character is love and He is incapable of evil and sin. It is impossible for God to move towards us out of anything but love because God is love. When these prayers are not answered it must be that it serves a higher purpose other than our desire, that we may not understand.

Unbelief in His willingness is exactly what happened to Israel after their Egyptian captivity and subsequent deliverance. These people had seen God blast Egypt with 10 plagues and divide the Red Sea, all on their behalf. Then, after a few days, they doubt His willingness to provide even the basic necessities of water. Why? What happens to humans that we doubt His willingness to repeat miraculous provision? Do we not know His promises to us or do we not know that He is incapable of lying? Is it counter intuitive to us who know we are not worthy of God’s favor and have had instilled into our souls that we should strife to not be dependent upon God, nor upon His grace? Is it society that teaches us that we should work towards not needing Jesus anymore? Is it just easier to be dependent upon our leaders in the physical realm than to rely upon our spiritual Father? Do we not know that He is burdened for us and desires to be our Hero? Do we not know how much He loves us? Perhaps it is a culmination of all these things. Whatever it is, we are lacking something when we are surprised when the supernatural God does miracles.

I want my soul to have a cellular response that speaks, “of course, He heals diseases. Of course, He raises the dead. Of course, He provides financial deliverance. Yes, I have favor with God in all aspects of my life. Why wouldn’t He answer this prayer favorably towards me, He loves me.” God really loves us, He really loves us a lot.

“He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?” (Romans 8:32)