Oh Bumby, Oh Bear, Oh My

To Bundle From Daddy

Oh Bumby, Oh Bear, Oh My

Has Grow up before my eyes

She was so small

Now she’s so tall

Oh Bumby, Oh Bear, Oh My

Oh Bumby Oh Bear, Oh My

Under my bead she used to lie.

Now she sleeps on her own

And I’m left all alone

Oh Bumby, Oh bear Oh My

Oh Bumby, Oh Bear, Oh My

Would imitate vultures as they fly

She was “being a goat”

that night long ago

Oh Bumby, Oh bear, Oh My

Oh Bumby, Oh Bear, Oh My

When I think of it, I start to cry.

One day she’ll be grown

and have a home of her own

Oh Bumby, O Bear, Oh My

Poor Doodle-Bot

Poor Doodle-Bot

Sat on the Pot

With no one to wipe her bottom

Her sisters all went

So she yelled her lament

Until her brothers went and got ’em.

Freed from her stool

She’s nobody’s fool

She had to secure a better option

“Bundle, if you please

Don”t ever leave

When I need someone to wipe my bottom.”

The Turtle

Can the kids have a turtle?  Such a simple request

With all the animals we have?  Surely you jest!

It just a turtle, I mean, how hard could it be

It’s not like you have to take it out to go pee.

Oh, the kids will love it, it will be such a hit

Ok. As long as I don’t have to take care of it.

Jon, this turtle maybe a little more than I thought!

But, it will all be free, not one thing to be bought

The tank is rather large, and is has a few rocks

But they should all fit neatly into one little box

Oh no, they think they should drive out here, its so far

Because they say all this gear might not fit in our car!

They”ll meet you after work, can you help set it up?

It has, the tank, rocks,a bridge, a heat lamp and two pumps.

They sent us a picture, no worries at all

Kids are diggin’ the turtle and havin” a ball.

Put in the rocks, then two buckets of water.  “i’ll put the green stuff in”

Turtle out of the box, “Does he know how to swim?

He’s sitting on the bridge with his head poking out

Is he ok?  He’ll be fine no doubt

Installation complete, that was kind of a chore

That tank was so big it almost didn’t fit through the door

But, it’s for the kids and the turtle really is cool

Now I know why we got all this for free, the Kennedy’s were no fools

Gimme-some Roy’s boy: The Quest for the Perfect High

 You remember, Gimme-some Roy, that boy, who searched for the perfect high

Couldn’t find it with drugs, couldn’t find it with thugs, so he climbed that mountain high

A little known fact, about Gimme-some’s past, he found out and then left after awhile

His girlfriend Sharon, she knew Roy wasn’t carin’, that she was pregnant with his child.

Ol’ Roy still run off, to that mountain top, looking for that guru Baba Fats

As the story still goes, as everyone knows, the secrets of life are found with Fats.

Ol’ Roy never came back, from that meeting with Fats, he set out for the Tzu Tuz tree

Meanwhile Sharon had his child and man, was he wild, he was nothing like you and me.

The boy heard only stories of his Dad, it was ever so sad, how he searched for the perfect plan

They say the apple isn’t far from the tree, nothing like you and me, the boy was just like his old man

He was about it all, oxcies, weed, and 8 balls, then he climbed that same mountain slope.

He stood face to face with Baba Fats, the legend of the past, to hear what was better than dope.

Well, dog my cats, says Babba Fats, another burnt out soul

Come here to find, if what he left behind, was worth paying the toll.

I’ve seen your face, right here in this place, right there where you stand

But you’re his son, following’ his father’s fun, because Roy was your old man

Let’s cut to the chase, said Roy’s only grace, you know why I’ve come

So, tell me the deal, while I sit here and chill, and don’t act lie I’m dumb.

Yeah, my Dad was here, all he left me was beer, I guess I’ll catch him on the fly

But I know you Fats, let’s cut the crap, tell me about the Perfect High.

If I tell you the truth, and give you the scoop, will you go on this mission?

I’ll tell you the facts, and won’t hold nothing back, but tell me, will you listen?

Cause I told your Dad, it was oh so sad, all those years ago

He didn’t believe, thought I tried to deceive, so I had to let him go

Am I wastin’ my time, givin’ you this line, should I even bother

Will be defeated, and get all heated, with the truth, just like your father.

Those words sank in, like burns to the skin, the boy knew Fats was right

He knew the stories of Roy, that white trash boy, and he hated how Dad left them in the night.

He said, “Alright Dude, I’m sorry I was rude, please tell me all that is good

I’m miserable inside and all I do is hide behind alcohol and drugs.

So come on fam, don’t give me a scam, and don’t lie to my face

Where is the perfect High, cause when we say good-bye, I’m going to that place.

Babba Fats took a breath, placed his hands on his chest, and let it out with a sigh

He said, “Alright man, give me your hand, I’ll tell you about the perfect high.

It don’t come from dope, or something you smoke, it done come from liquor or beer

It’s not in the hooter, and not in the tooter, you don’t get it from ever-clear.

It’s not in the pills, not in the thrills, not in money or cash

It’s not the gold mine, and it’s not in the line, you can’t find it smoking hash.

Oxcies won’t do it, even if you shoot it, it’s not with the girls who are flirty

Cocaine don’t get it, Crack! Just forget it, it’s not in smoking that dirty.

Peace you will find, when you give up this grind, let go and let God

Quit tryin’ to quit and this time just quit, turn it all over to God.

Right now is the hour, you got not power, your powerless, yes, that is it

Give up control, let God have your soul, knowing you can’t control it is when you will quit.

That’s the deal cuz, just like callin’ the fuzz, it happens and you find the release

It’s an inside job, between your ears in your mind, that were God gives us the peace.

It’s a simple plan, not hard to understand, just let the Spirit flow into your soul.

Then you experience this peace, find the sweet release, and you don’t need drugs no mo’.

Babba Fats knew, from his head to his shoes, that the boy hung on every word

He let out another sigh, saw a tear in his eye, hoping this boy wasn’t just another terd.

“Mr. Fats, said the boy, I ain’t goin’ be like ol’Roy, I believe what you said

I know in my heart, right now I’m going to start, cause I don’t want to end up in jails/institutions, or dead.

The boy feel to his knees, as pretty as you please, and asked God into his heart.

When his head rose form prayer, there was something new there, a fire and a spark

With a gleam in his eye, he started to cry, and said, “I’ve found the perfect high.”

He turned to go, then his step slowed, he turned towards Babba Fats then stopped

“Fats ol’ boy, I’m lovin’ this joy, but tell me, why do you stay on this mountain top.

Fats said with a smile, I’ll tell you my child, while I’m here and this is my lot.

This is the place, where my sins were erased, and I found communion with God

I decided to stay, that very day, to Him I began to cleave

He is all that I need, I stopped smoking weed, and it was so good, I never did leave.