Jon’s New Barbie Doll


I’ve heard it said that an AR-15 is a barbie doll for me!  Frankly, I couldn’t agree more!  So, here are some pictures of my new barbie doll :

My brother got me a sweet deal on this Smith and Wesson M and P.  I traded a Mosin Nagant and three hundred cash for it.  A fantastic deal anywhere.  Thanks bro!!  It came with standard handguards and a carrying handle with rear sight.  Your basic out of the box barbie doll.  Bro got one two, so we now have matching barbie dolls.  Only real and secure men can accessorize theirs together.  Since he worked out such a great deal for us, I decided to get the accessories.  Here they are:

I switched the standard handguards for ones that are four sided pictanny rail for mounting all the necessary accessories ie:  lights, lasers, scopes, and whatever else I can get to slap on there.  Then I put the fore-grip on and it has a bipod that flips out of the bottom with a push of a button.  Very cool indeed.

Next I put on a rear flip up sight, a red dot scope, and a 3x magnifier.  Push a button on the magnifier and it flips to the side for standard red dot mode.  The red-dot will co-witness with the front sight post so the rear sight can be utilized through the glass of the re-dot should the battery die.  Really cool stuff.  will let you know what happens when I zero it.

Incidentally, the pictures in the bottom right are for a later post, but when I upload these pictures, they came along with the ones for this post.  this is the first time I posted pictures, so it just is what it is.

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