Understanding Addiction

I’ve written this “book” about 4 years ago and have done nothing with it.  So, I thought it a good idea to post it and make it available for those who might have a need to understand addiction.  This is written with 15 years worth of growing up around it, 15 years worth of being active in addiction myself, and I was about 11 years clean when I wrote this (currently I’m at 15 years).  In the past four years there have been newer develops that I will eventually add to this work, as it does need an update (particularly in the scientific department).  Nevertheless, here it is:


Table of Contents

My Story Page 1 (this is already on the blog under “my testimony” so I have not reposted it here.

Introduction Page 9

Chapter One: Mechanism of Powerlessness Page 12

Chapter Two: Breaking the Delusional Thinking Page 28

Chapter Three: A Decision about Decisions Page 34

Chapter Four: Abuse vs. Dependence Page 29

Appendix A: Poems: The Perfect High Page 33

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