Arm Yourself!

There is a scene in the movie “Unforgiven” when Clint Eastwood’s shoots a man.  Gene Hickman’s character states, “You just shot an unarmed man!”  Eastwood’s reply, “He should’ve armed himself.”  This is, sometimes, how I feel when folks talk about potential terrorist attacks.  Arm Yourself!

I’m very grateful to live in Kentucky.  A couple of weeks ago, a man, armed with a knife, attempted to rob a store.  Four of the stores patrons pulled their guns (because they have Conceal Carry Deadly Weapons license) and held the man at gunpoint until the police arrived.

The ISIS attacks in Paris were a great tragedy.  But, I bet ISIS wouldn’t try that at a Hank Williams Jr. concert. The point is this.  We have a second amendment right to own and carry weapons in order to be sure that our society remains open and free.  The police simply can’t be everywhere.  If we refuse to exercise that right, more innocent victims will befall us.  Terrorist seem to attack places where people are unarmed.  So, Arm Yourself!

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