The Turtle

Can the kids have a turtle?  Such a simple request

With all the animals we have?  Surely you jest!

It just a turtle, I mean, how hard could it be

It’s not like you have to take it out to go pee.

Oh, the kids will love it, it will be such a hit

Ok. As long as I don’t have to take care of it.

Jon, this turtle maybe a little more than I thought!

But, it will all be free, not one thing to be bought

The tank is rather large, and is has a few rocks

But they should all fit neatly into one little box

Oh no, they think they should drive out here, its so far

Because they say all this gear might not fit in our car!

They”ll meet you after work, can you help set it up?

It has, the tank, rocks,a bridge, a heat lamp and two pumps.

They sent us a picture, no worries at all

Kids are diggin’ the turtle and havin” a ball.

Put in the rocks, then two buckets of water.  “i’ll put the green stuff in”

Turtle out of the box, “Does he know how to swim?

He’s sitting on the bridge with his head poking out

Is he ok?  He’ll be fine no doubt

Installation complete, that was kind of a chore

That tank was so big it almost didn’t fit through the door

But, it’s for the kids and the turtle really is cool

Now I know why we got all this for free, the Kennedy’s were no fools