The Righteous Will See it and Rejoice

After my experience with God during tabernacles, I felt that I was “free” to do ministry without making it about me. Meaning, that I could minister to other people and not see it as a vehicle of God accepting me or rejecting me. I felt that I could minister and my relationship with God would be unchanged. However, He knows me better than I know me.

As I was sitting there pondering this, Rina came into the room and told me something that was a really good spiritual insight. I can’t remember what it was but I remember thinking, “Wow, Rina’s got some good stuff.” God speaks to me and says, “What if I use Rina to minister to people and not you.” Immediately, I was not OK with that. I knew my reaction was “not good” so I went into the “prayer closet” to figure out what was going on with me.

It was the old spirit of rejection again. I felt that if God used Rina in ministry that I was being rejected by God. It stems from a spirit of poverty that believes that if God uses someone else in the body for ministry that He has somehow rejected me.

Here are a few of the things that God spoke to me that set me back into the center of God’s love.

1. When God does mighty works through someone else, the “righteous will see it and rejoice.” They are secure in their relationship with Him. They know that He loves them and they enjoy an intimacy with God that is untouchable. Nothing separates them from the “love of Christ.” So, when God uses others in mighty ways, the righteous don’t make it about them. They see it and rejoice.

2. When God does mighty things through others, He is still my Shepherd and His love for Me is the same as the love He has for the mighty minister. The Lord is still my Shepherd.

3. If God does do mighty works through me, it means nothing of His acceptance and love for me. I’m accepted by God regardless of what happens on the mission field. Success means nothing of His acceptance for me and failure means nothing of His rejection of me.

4. We don’t work in order to be fulfilled, we work because we are fulfilled.

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