The Great Kingdom Sell-Out

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.  Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls, who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had an bought it.”  (Matthew 13:44-46)

These parables identify Kingdom principles people experience that bring about radical fulfillment and radical change in each of their individual lives.  The essence of these parables is value.  Both are seeking something that they greatly value and when they find it, it comes with such a fulfillment, that everything else must be sacrificed in order to obtain it.
The purpose of the parables are described in the prefacing statement, “The kingdom of heaven is like…”  Jesus is here giving us divine spiritual principles that demonstrate what happens in the kingdom.  What happens both with us and with God.  What happens in our response to God and in His response toward us.  Remember that value is the underlining theme.

The man in the first parable could represent Jesus.  The field could represent the world (Mathew 3:38).  Hence, Jesus has come into the world.  He is seeking something.  He is seeking something of great value to Him and He is willing to sacrifice all in order to obtain it.  The treasure that he finds in the field is you.  It is the human soul that would receive Him and fellowship with Him for all eternity.  I am absolutely convinced that if only one person would have ever gotten saved as a result of the ministry of Jesus, He would have still endured the cross for the sake of the one.  It is the value that He places upon humanity.  He values it and it is worth sacrificing for.  When it is found, it brings about radical changes is His life and the life of the believer. If we measure the value of something by what someone else will pay for it; then; you are the greatest treasure that God has ever created as He has sacrificed everything in order to have fellowship and relationship with you.  God is completely “sold-out” and He has taken radical steps to enter into convenental relationships with us.  He has given all that He has to all of us.  He purchased the world that is filled with human treasure by the price of His life and blood.  For Him, it was the only way to live.

The merchant could represent the Christian.  He, too, is seeking something of great value.  In his pre-salvation state, he may have shopped various religions seeking the one that brought about the most fulfillment.  We are hard-wired for relationship with God.  When it is lacking, we are unfulfilled individuals seeking the ultimate forms of fulfillment.  Oftentimes, they come through sinful experiences.  When we attempt to put sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll in the place of our soul that is built for God, we ultimately end up dissatisfied.  Hence, these actions require extreme repetition. (see my other blog: for the blog entitled, “The works of the flesh.”)  If we could take that one pill, that one drink, that one experience that would bring the eternal buzz and fulfillment, that would be amazing!  However, no such substance or action exist.  The works of the flesh require repetition.  The basis of all sin is fulfillment and these two statements are the foundation and basis of all addictions.  I can remember a time right after I had my first intoxicating effect of alcohol.  It brought about a sense of fulfillment in my soul that I had been seeking for years.  I was “sold-out” to drinking, and spent all that I had on “prodigal” living.  It became my identity and every activity in my life revolved around drinking and drugging.   We will sacrifice for what we value and for what we believe will bring fulfillment.  This was my life before I found the “Pearl of great price.”  Because my addiction required repetition and required more of the substance over time, I continued to seek the ultimate expression of fulfillment.  On May the 7th of 2000, I had a radical encounter with God that changed my life.  Suddenly, Jesus became so real to me.  He was not just doctrine and an unknowable God.  I was having an intense encounter with Him.  He was, in fact, alive and I now knew why He was called the “Living God.”  The Holy Spirit invaded my soul and I understood that everything that I was seeking from drugs and alcohol I could get from God.  It was the invasion of His love into my soul that made radical changes in my life.  I had found the “Pearl of Great Price.”

It was at this time that I became “sold-out” to God.  I knew that what I had been looking for in fifteen years worth of drug and alcohol addiction I had found.  Hence, I have sold all that I had for the purpose of the Kingdom of God.  I’m a radical!  For me, anything less than a complete “sell-out” for Jesus is to exalt this cursed and fallen world with its fleshly pleasures and pursuits against the “Pearl of Great Price.”  The Great Kingdom sell-out is the only option and it’s the only way to live.  This Kingdom dynamic applies for me, for you, and for Jesus.

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