Prayer for Revival

While I was disappointed with the cancellation of our Red River Revival trip, I have been impressed by God to continue in prayer and fasting for revival.  A recent study I have done of past revival demonstrates that great moves of God have been birthed through prayer.

The Welsh revival in the early 1900’s was birthed out of prayer and intercession.  Evan Roberts was the individual whom God used to bring about this movement.  “Evan gave himself to frequent prayer and intercession” (1).  His early meetings were characterized by prayer and intercession.  Those meetings are described as follows: “strong moves of intercession flooded the room during each service and many times the services would go past midnight.  Once, Evan prayed all night with a congregation and didn’t return home until the next morning.  This small group of intercessors led by the young evangelist transformed the entire community.  Some meetings lasted until 4am with crowds gathered outside for 6am prayer” (2).

Similarly, the Azusa street revival was birthed out of prayer.  The revival was led by William Seymour, but Frank Bartlemann and others birthed it through prayer and intercession.  He writes: “the Spirit is breathing prayer through us for a mighty, general outpouring.  Great things are coming.  We are asking largely that our joy may be full.  God is moving. We are praying for the churches and the pastors. The Lord will visit those willing to yield to Him” (3).

Lastly, the Red River revival was likewise birthed through prayer and fasting.  Three years before the revival broke out, James MacGready, (the pastor of the Red River congregation), enlisted the help of interceding Christians who would sign a covenant of prayer.  Once they agreed, they covenanted to pray every Saturday evening and Sunday morning for revival in Logan county.  Additionally, they agreed to spend the third Saturday of the month fasting for revival.  Things in Logan County didn’t improve immediately, actually they got worse, but MacGready encouraged them to continue in prayer.  He wrote on the covenantal agreement: “when we consider the Word and the promises of a compassionate God to the poor lost family of Adam, we find the strongest encouragement for Christians to pray in faith — to ask in the name of Jesus for the conversion of their fellow men … with these promises before us, we feel encouraged to unite our supplications to a prayer hearing God, for the outpouring of His Spirit, that His people may be quickened and comforted, and that our children, and sinners generally, may be converted” (4).

Hence, let us continue steadfast in prayer that God will open the spiritual door at Red River.  Let us pray for revival in Kentucky that will shake the nation, and eventually the world, standing on the promise of God which says: “Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession” (Psalm 2:8).

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