Gay Marriage Here To Stay? Advocate Says It’s Inevitable

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This blog has been started by me, Jon.  I’m a registered nurse and work at a psychiatric hospital.  I’m also a Christian minister and I minister to my patients weekly in a church group called spiritual enrichment.  This blog has been started to make public the sermons and teachings that God has been giving to me when ministering to people.  I’m a recovering alcoholic and drug addict and rejoice in helping others with addiction become “more than conquerors” through the ministry of Jesus Christ.  I have a passion for the presence of God and a passion for revival.  Not just a public revival, but a revival in youth, families, homes, careers, and an overall invasion of the Kingdom of God into every aspect of society.  May God bless you as you read these blogs.  I’m looking forward to writing as many as God will download to me.